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We’re filled with gratitude that so many Dancing Spirit Pilgrims have chosen to share their journeys! Read on to learn what people are saying, or jump below and watch participants speaking about their Dancing Spirit experience.


"Imagine an experience that births true joy. The pilgrimage exploring the themes of Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine in France yields gifts of profound beauty to the spirit, mind, and body. Nina and her team created the perfect conditions to learn, connect and enjoy. Presentations on St. Mary Magdalene are brilliant, from direct experience of the beach where she landed to the mountaintop where she lived, I was deeply moved. The cuisine and graceful lodging at a chateau in beautiful vineyards were perfect. This trip combines beauty, wisdom and profound inspiration. For me, it was an experience of ineffable spiritual power. I highly recommend this trip as an exquisite gift to your own deepening journey."

Tim, New York, USA



Dancing Spirit is vastly different than other travel. I’ve participated in three pilgrimages - The Divine Feminine in France, Celtic Shamanism in England, and A Heart Full of Love in Assisi. All of them have enriched my Spirit. Careful, intelligent, innovative planning is evident from the moment of arrival, not only for our physical needs, but also our spiritual and social needs. On other trips I have been a tourist, with Dancing Spirit I am a pilgrim. On other trips I have made acquaintances, with Dancing Spirit I form deep, lasting bonds. On other trips I return home with pictures and mementos, with Dancing Spirit I return home with nurturing, sustenance, and support for my soul's journey. I look forward to my next pilgrimage with Dancing Spirit!

Nancy, Virginia, USA



There's something about Nina's journeys that is impossible to reduce to words. Let's just say there's a certain graceful guidance that carries and underpins the entire experience. From initial communications right through to final day farewells, it seems a certain magic engulfs participants allowing a deep spiritual investigation in the midst of joyful sensory experience, connection, laughs and learnings. All that, topped with Nina's passionate knowledge and heartfelt message is supported by a most dedicated and caring team, creating a safe container where the spirit truly can dance!

Sarah, Newbury, England, UK


As a lifelong independent traveler, I was reluctant to join a tour. But the Celtic Shamanism journey offered my dream adventure, traveling to sites I’d longed to explore, but hadn’t, because I didn’t know where to stay, or how to connect the logistics. After making the decision, I was hopeful, yet skeptical. Because of Nina’s expertise and passion, my skepticism vanished. Nina and her team treat every pilgrim with respect and patience, allowing each of us to arrive and experience the day in our own, unique way. I was joined by my daughter, and the itinerary enabled us to reconnect and spend precious time together while appreciating the group we traveled with, and the surprises we found along the way. It was magical, intimate, accepting and free of pressure. Nina and the Dancing Spirits create a memorable, open-hearted pilgrimage, and I’m grateful I was part of it.

Sara Beth, Georgia, USA


“When I pay for a five-star journey, I expect five stars. Dancing Spirit exceeded this rating category by miles. I have lived and explored all over Europe and am very aware of what tour companies offer. Nina and her team leave no detail to chance and make their pilgrimage tours outstanding experiences. I’m very fussy in making recommendations to my friends, and friends, I highly recommend Dancing Spirit.”

Roxanne, British Columbia, Canada



My wife and I recently joined Nina for “In The Footsteps of St. Francis and St. Clare”. We had both been to Assisi previously and enjoyed it immensely. The pilgrimage with Nina added a whole new dimension to my appreciation of these saints and their lives. Nina’s knowledge and passion shines through at every turn. I also have to add that I injured myself early in the pilgrimage (I went Neanderthal on some hand washing and it didn’t end well), and the support Nina and her dedicated team provided for me and another person on the pilgrimage with mobility issues was unsurpassed. I was able to relax and appreciate the experience because I knew they had my back. I am extremely grateful to Nina, Donna, Horst, and Steve for bringing it all together so wonderfully.

Keith, British Columbia, Canada



“I'm usually a little wary of tour groups but something pushed me to take the risk with Nina and Dancing Spirit. I ventured into the Divine Feminine pilgrimage with no particular expectations. I was in for the surprise of my life. From the first moment, I could tell this would be an adventure. And it was. To date, this was one of the best-organized, researched and manifested tours I've ever experienced. An amazing group of like-minded souls gathered in France and we journeyed together from Marseille to Paris. Together we laughed, cried, shared, explored and learned so much. Under the ever-watchful eye of Nina and her team — Horst and Donna, Brie and Pierre (a fantastic driver) — every detail was taken care of. I have traveled to France my entire adult life, and never before knew of some of the places Nina introduced us to. Her spirit lights up the journey. If you are looking for something different and have an interest in pilgrimage with a twist, this is the tour group you need."

Mary, Co. Roscommon, Ireland


“I came home with was a transformed view my life and the world. There are no words to express how devoted Nina, Horst, Donna and Brie are to their passion and making sure everyone was taken care of every moment. Nina, who has done research beyond belief, has woven it into a tapestry of the richest history. Together, they worked endlessly and to the last minute to expose us to everything available that few people who go on tours ever get to experience. My life was transformed on this trip in a way that was incomprehensible to me before I went. This was a tour for my soul that will be with me forever. Forever family: I will see you on another journey."

Ilka, Idaho, USA



The Celtic Shamanism pilgrimage offers a unique viewpoint on seeing this beautiful part of our Earth. With access to monuments and beautiful places that are usually inaccessible to bigger tours, this intimate way of traveling brings a deeper scope of discovery than other tours offer. This pilgrimage brought together my diverse fascination with all things spiritual, natural, out-doorsy and cultural. And yet the journey still gave me an opportunity to enjoy enough me-time to come home feeling invigorated and refreshed! Nina transported us on a delightful journey of storytelling that provided historic and cultural information in a very entertaining and well-structured way. Donna and Thomas quietly offered us gentle care and thoughtfulness in the background as we traversed the more rigorous aspects of the pilgrimage. Thank you all! I found the experience to be rich in personal learning yet also fun and full of the friendliest Dancing Spirit pilgrims as we traversed this wonderful part of England. And I wish to thank you all for the love, joy, wisdom and friendship that I received while travelling with you all as a Dancing Spirit!

Louise, New South Wales, Australia



The Celtic Shamanism journey was so far beyond my expectations, it's hard to put into words. I had my spiritual beliefs confirmed, expanded, and sharpened. I returned home with a new outlook only to be told by my medical provider that I had skin cancer and had to undergo surgery for it, including skin grafts. I have been able to use my "renewed" spiritual foundation to feel comfortable and confident about this upcoming event. On a mundane level I've never been on a more well organized, thought out, managed tour in my many years of traveling. I WILL take another journey with Dancing Spirit! Looking forward, always.

Peggy, Washington, USA



I've produced many events and hosted numerous experiences over the years, large and small. It's rare for me to attend an event someone else is hosting or producing where I don't feel some anxiety and a need to step in and help fill the holes and solve issues that are apparent. And so, I was awed by Nina's capacity to run our extraordinary pilgrimage, to Assisi and Rome seeking St. Francis and St. Clare, with a container so whole and so well conceived and created that both my husband and I found ourselves just relaxing and enjoying being held in it. I was able to sit deep in both my inner and outer journey on this path and attend to its unfolding. In my experience, pilgrimages are not always easy, but they are transformative. This one was too. It's a month and a half later and I'm still unpacking the blessings, shifts, realizations and tough stuff that arose. Although I've travelled quite a bit, I'd never gone on a group anything before, not a tour, certainly not a pilgrimage, and honestly, I was a bit skeptical that pilgrimage-level transformation could be possible when I wasn't either on my own or with just immediate family members. My skepticism has been dashed entirely. I can't commend highly enough the work of Nina, Horst, Donna and Steve all of whom helped keep us together, body and soul, so that we could keep walking - literally and figuratively. I'm so grateful for having had this transformative opportunity and for have gotten to know fellow like-hearted pilgrims from around the world.

Nicole, British Columbia, Canada



The best place to hide something is in yourself. Dancing Spirit Tours helps you discover what is hidden inside. These tours are not simply a get on the bus and check out sacred sites vacation. They are guided travel experiences inviting you constantly to journey more deeply into connection with yourself. I left the 10 days in England grateful for my life at home and eager to continue on my path to self-realization. This is a pilgrimage of self that facilitates a personal, meaningful communication with nature, spirit, and with your soul. It’s you getting to know to yourself in a way that is revelatory and magical. If you are seeking quality time with yourself and with nature as your pillow then this experience hits the mark. No doubt I will be back for more. I hesitated for 2 years before booking a journey and it was worth the wait. Nina has thought through the smallest details and you are left feeling guided, supported, and at ease.

Alexandria, California, USA



I had the boundless privilege of walking in the footsteps of St. Francis and St Clare on the Assisi pilgrimage. It is hard to find the words using my simple vocabulary to share the immense experience of this journey. I doubt there is another tour company in the world that offers this masterfully woven experience. Nina is a master storyteller and magically brought life to every sacred day spent on this beautiful heart-felt journey. If you are on the fence trying to decide if this is a trip for you, wait no longer! Prepare to enter into this deep heart opening fun and laughter filled journey!!! Absolutely the best trip of my life by far!!

Rita, California, USA



Prior to the Celtic Shamanism journey I was struggling with depression. Less than three days in, I was in a different, lighter, more engaged place. The energy of the places is powerful, a truly transformative experience. It is clear that Nina is doing the work she was put on this earth to do. Her vocation is graced with the many gifts she shares so generously. The Dancing Spirit commitment to the group and the experience they skillfully created with us was never less that: total, full-hearted, and comprehensive. No need went unmet, whether it was a converter, a walking stick, a warm hug, or a bright being waiting for me as I slowly got un-lost after an indelible time in an ancient stone circle. I so look forward to Assisi with Nina and her awesome Team!

Kate, California, USA


“It was obvious from the outset that Nina and Horst have created something extraordinary in Dancing Spirit. When I choose to book with a travel company I look for trip leaders with integrity, passion, honest intentions, professionalism, and heart and soul. Nina, Horst and the whole team have all these qualities and more. I appreciate how they went out of their way to accommodate 40 people's needs, which is never easy. It's difficult to put into words how the journey changed me, and to describe the deep, soulful connections I made with friends, not to mention the miracles that took place daily. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to tell you that my journey to Assisi was the greatest gift I ever gave myself. I left feeling whole and healed (and a few pounds heavier from the pasta but hey, it was worth it). Thanks Dancing Spirit for making it possible."

Kelley, Johannesburg, South Africa


“I’m still carrying a heart full of love into my daily life — in my work, my community and with special friends and family. Everyone has told me they have ‘felt’ the energy in some way. I’ll be joining Dancing Spirit again. For me, the tours are a perfect mix of sacred journey, relaxed and pampered holiday, and professional development. Highly, highly recommended."

Nadine, Melbourne, Australia


“Between the two of us, we have traveled on six continents, but the Assisi tour with Dancing Spirit was the absolute best ever travel experience — totally professional and complete in every detail. Guided, informed, educated and inspired every step of the way. And there was room for free time and downtime as needed. The team was totally flexible and accommodating. Wonderful! We will definitely travel with Dancing Spirit again!"

Gary & Rachelle, Manitoba, Canada


“Nina and her Dancing Spirit team are true guardians of the soul. It’s impossible not to grow spiritually on their adventures, whether that is your intent or not. I’ve been to France, Austria, and England with them and look forward to further travels. I know I will learn, grow and be well taken care of during the journey. I highly recommend traveling with Dancing Spirit.”

Anne, New York, USA


"Nina's commentaries at sacred sites were exceptional. I admit I'm a tough customer when it comes to this type of experience, but without a doubt, Nina was in the zone. Her words were clearly inspired by spirit and I felt a very palpable channelling through them to my heart. Whatever Nina's process is for intuiting the right words at each site — just enough to open hearts and allow the spirit to do its work — keep doing it!"

Dani, Singapore


"Traveling with Dancing Spirit is so much more than a holiday. It’s truly timeout to connect or reconnect with yourself, with others, with the awesomeness of nature and the Divine — and to let your spirit dance. I can’t recommend Nina and her team highly enough for the lengths they go to ensure each person is so well looked after throughout the journey. I have traveled with them to Iceland and England, and am looking forward to another tour in the future."

Lena, Sydney, Australia



"Nina and her amazing team create a truly magical experience. Nina’s moving guidance brings each site to life and populates the scene with the people from history. She takes you right back in time! Nina is such a beautiful soul and connects you with other wonderful experts to enhance the your learning. Walking the labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral while the sun was rising was incredible. Then at night we walked the crypt in candle light, just as the pilgrims of the past did. Every detail was taken care of in such a loving way, making each person feel supported on this special journey. FABULOUS! I highly recommend it whether you have been to France many times or it is your first experience!"

Pip, New South Wales, Australia



"The vision of Dancing Spirit resonates-- exploring the land and exploring myself, it's a perfect fit for me. Connecting with people in a meaningful way is such a relief. Life is too short for small talk. I'm coming away with real friendships and a sacred experience of the land where my ancestors are from. I couldn't have accessed this level of depth by myself. It's priceless."

Rick, Aukland, New Zealand



"My journey to France was a memorable one. The discourses on Mary Magdalene were fascinating and I felt like I was in a College level class! Nina is a fountain of information. The entire trip was well organized and smooth as glass. The care of the staff was impeccable, accommodating and kind. I will definitely take another trip with Dancing Spirit."

Marcia, Florida, USA


"Nina is one of those people who always has a sparkle in her eye. Whether listening to a friend, sharing in laughter, or delighting in something she’s recently learned, her inspired nature is contagious. Nina is also one of those rare people who expertly employs compassionate communication. Her authentic, non-formulaic approach to listening fosters a natural connection in which one can’t help but open up. I can’t count the number of times Nina has deftly opened the door to deeper heart to heart conversation without me taking notice until after I had shifted from tense to relaxed, confused to clear, conflicted to enlightened."

Eden, British Columbia, Canada



"I'm coming away with HUGE LOVE in my heart for all these people. I've learned so much the magnificent history and mythology of Iceland. I've gained a new reverence for the sacred and how to apply it to my life."

Jessica, South Carolina, USA



“This pilgrimage has been the most transformative process of my life-- and I'm turning 80 soon! The spiritual aspect is having the deepest impact… in fact, my experiences are STILL unfolding over a month after returning home – I experienced a deep personal breakthrough while walking on the labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral. Singing together and listening to stories about the symbolism of the labyrinth gave me a new perspective on where I am in my life. Do yourself a favor and say 'yes' to this journey-- just go for it!"

Catherine, California, USA


"I felt connected to myself in such deep ways I've never explored before. This was the most meaningful trip I've ever been on, and I travel a lot. I'm coming back for more and bringing my future children so they may have a sacred journey too."

Angelica, California, USA



"A marvellous integration of both the inner and outer landscapes of the human spiritual journey. The earth pulses with sacred energy. Everywhere we went was surreal and out of this world... and we were there by ourselves. Not a tourist in sight! Nina's storytelling brought the journey to life. The highlight for me was the drumming in the cave. I felt my Scandinavian ancestors standing beside me! ... Excellent beyond imagining!"

Eva, Berlin, Germany


"The Divine Feminine was absolutely incredible and I know I'll never forget the journey. Nina's commentary at each site was one of the highlights of the trip for me. I loved the balance between history and spirituality you achieved. There are things Nina said that will stay with me always. I am constantly remembering aspects of the trip and always feeling gratitude for having had the life changing experience."

Reggie, Sydney, Australia


"I want to tell you how deeply my heart was touched by my Dancing Spirit retreat in Assisi. Although raised Catholic, I really met St. Francis and St. Clare for the first time through this pilgrimage. Now I feel them in my life. I also have an appreciation of my Catholic roots, which I had not felt in decades. This journey is a perfect combination of history, heart, and authenticity. I feel as though it ushered in this second half of my life — one I’m already loving and appreciating with a passion. I want to thank each of you for the meaningful and spirit-filled work you are doing."

Terry, Nevada, USA


"From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for a truly wonderful, wondrous, amazing experience. I'm still integrating and processing, but this will remain in my memory and heart for all my days -- here and hereafter."

Maria, North Carolina, USA


"The team at Dancing Spirit Tours us a joy to be around. Their willingness to make the entire journey as relaxed and easy as possible was wonderful. It felt like a "big family" vacation!"

Joyce, South Carolina, USA


"This has been the most beautiful trip of my lifetime. Every penny that I spent has been first class. The Staff go way beyond to accommodate, help and inform. Thank you! You have touched my life. I am so grateful. Blessings to all."

Kim, Utah, USA


"Every detail was well thought out and taken care of in a first class manor; very professional, with a great deal of heart and soul animating every experience. This 'tour' indeed offers pilgrimage for those who wish to connect with the profoundly sacred spaces that Nina introduces us to with such great integrity, knowledge and passion. I am grateful to each member of the Dancing Spirit team for the patience, care, fun and support that they truly extended."

Stephanie, Toronto, Canada


"I would recommend DST to EVERYONE I know. The team, the content, the accommodations, the hotel staff, AND the other guests- everything was perfection! I am so sorry for it all to end."

Leslie, California, USA


"During our England tour we visited truly amazing places. Even three years later we still reflect on our experiences we encountered.
We look forward to our next trip with Dancing Spirit Tours."

Kerry & Chris, Ontario, Canada


"I loved the warm, supportive, inclusive, friendly atmosphere. Everyone was delightful and the scenery was stunning. Castello Di Petrata was perfect and the whole trip was topped off with Nina's passion and knowledge of St. Francis."

Sandra, Victoria, Australia


"From young to old, you made it so wonderful and easy to get around and enjoy everything. You are the best tour group I have ever traveled with."

Joyce, Utah, USA


“Dancing Spirit Tours is unique. In a more and more competitive tourism industry, I can confidently say that you will not find this kind of trip with anyone else. The mix of knowledgeable, sincere, and passionate leaders, along with truly incredible destinations provides the opportunity for a once in a lifetime experience. It’s unsurprising there are so many familiar faces on the journeys! Ask anyone who’s attended, and they’ll tell you about the trust and friendships they established within the ‘dancing spirit community’. You can not experience these sacred places the same way on your own. Their guides have unique spiritual insight and historical information about the hidden aspects of the culture. I’m happy to be able to give this testimonial for all Dancing Spirit Tours has done for me, and I look forward to their continued growth and being a part of it with my fellow travellers.”

Mathias, Ontario, Canada


"The biggest thing that stands out for me about DST the extremely well organized nature of the tour, while still 'going with the flow' and allowing the energy dynamics of the group determine what happens next. This shows me that Nina knows the destinations inside and out and has an intuitive ability to observe the larger vision while remaining attentive to the details."

Erin, Zimbabwe


"Nina's dedication to ensuring our happiness and safety were always upmost in her and her team's mind. The incredible places we stayed were inspired and the staff enhanced each destination. My wife and I will be making Dancing Spirit Tours an annual pilgrimage."

Sam, Toronto, Canada


“Everyone at Dancing Spirit Tours has tremendous integrity and you can really tell that they strive to be of service. They are very generous in all aspects; from taking care of the logistical details to how we are engaged as participants.”

Breaden, Germany


"This trip is very inspirational and provides an opportunity for people to grow and flourish on the journey of life."

Irena, Victoria, Australia


“The balance between being a tourist and being a pilgrim is perfect. We get to see all of the iconic landmarks, but also experience unique cultural performances, handicrafts and the real people who live here. It’s a perfect balance."

Edward, Florida, USA


"This is a wonderful and exceptionally well organized tour. Nina, Donna and Horst are well organized, friendly and deeply caring. I highly recommend DST. I have no hesitation about signing up for any of their advertised tours and only wish I had the time to attend them all!"

Annette, Queensland, Australia


"A wonderful journey with a group of spiritual people- companions on my soul's journey. I felt very much a part of the group, and guided by the staff who are full with the love of life and being. I felt cared for with all the comforts I could possibly desire."

Jeanette, Queensland, Australia


"I can’t think of any other place to get what I got from my week with Dancing Spirit Tours. From my heart with deep sincerity, I thank you for creating this experience. The memories, explorations and friends are truly priceless.”

Betsy, USA


“A truly eye-opening experience. The blend of Spirit, Adventure, and Luxury was incredible – Nina & Horst thought of every small detail, from a private encounter with Stonehenge to a decadent selection of local seafood in Penzance with live music flowing into amazing dinners.”

Mary Jo, USA


"Nina and her team at Dancing Spirit Tours set the bar for guided journeys. I've been spoiled. I loved every minute of this phenomenal experience."

Reeca, California, USA


"I've come home with new fingerprints from an extraordinary experience led by the stellar hands, hearts and integrity of Nina and Horst providing a safe place to be all that you can be in a new place to explore. I so appreciated the knowledge shared on each new step on this path and the ways this was communicated by the whole team. The diligence, organization and professionalism is well noted. I easily encourage you to join them on your next adventure, and I look forward to mine."

Lori, Georgia, USA


“You can tell that Nina, Horst and the team are doing everything from a genuine place. They LOVE what they do and that is HUGE. It makes me feel so at home, even though we’re on the road!”

Renee, Arizona, USA


“Brilliant - Caring - Attentive - Accommodating - Lovely - Warm. Nina, Horst, Donna, Guy, Walter, Trevor, Nathan - Thank you for this transformative experience. Saving my pennies for the trip to France!"

Martha, Winnipeg, Canada

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