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For ages pilgrims have found healing and solace in Our Lady, the Divine Mother, and in St. Mary Magdalene, and the Black Madonnas. Imagine standing on the shores where Mary Magdalene and the 72 apostles sailed after the crucifixion. Together we’ll explore the medieval tradition of Mary Magdalene, the patron saint of devotion. Wade into the salty Mediterranean for a purification ritual that creates space for sorrow, hope and joy. Our pilgrimage concludes with a candle-lit procession in Chartres Cathedral after hours. This centuries-old tradition was practiced by countless pilgrims before us. Meander through the passageways and emerge into the heart of the sanctuary to walk the world famous labyrinth. Celebrate in community as our combined voices ascend from the crypts into the cavernous vaults of the Cathedral. We are grateful to Chartres Cathedral for their permission of exclusive access for this visit. If you yearn for a sanctuary from the chaos of the world and space to release your burdens, the treasures of this pilgrimage await you.

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"The day of my spiritual awakening was the day I saw and knew all things in God and God in all things.

Mechtild of Magdeburg

Itinerary Highlights
  • Reflect in Sainte Baume grotto where St. Mary Magdalene spent her last living in prayer and writing her memoirs.
  • Discover the spiritual history of the south of France: from Celtic paganism to Egyptian spirituality to contemplative Christianity.
  • Set intentions for your pilgrimage on the beach where St. Mary Magdalene first set foot after sailing from Jerusalem.
  • Experience the beauty of the Marian tradition in Chartres Cathedral, an architectural masterpiece and a center of education for centuries.
  • We are grateful to Chartres Cathedral for permitting us access to walk the labyrinth, a symbol for the human journey toward God.
  • Visit the sacred grotto of Lourdes where young St. Bernadette encountered an apparition of the Virgin Mary.
  • Visit the historic, fortified city of Carcassonne complete with fairytale towers, a drawbridge and cobblestone streets.
  • Sit in the peaceful presence of Black Madonnas associated with miracles. These sculptures have attracted pilgrims for centuries.
  • Soak up Paris and its timeless romance, exquisite cuisine and cultural treasures such as the Eiffel tower.

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Praise for this Journey

"Imagine an experience that births true joy. The pilgrimage exploring the themes of Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine in France yields gifts of profound beauty to the spirit, mind, and body. Nina and her team created the perfect conditions to learn, connect and enjoy. Presentations on St. Mary Magdalene are brilliant, from direct experience of the beach where she landed to the mountaintop where she lived, I was deeply moved. The cuisine and graceful lodging at a chateau in beautiful vineyards were perfect. This trip combines beauty, wisdom and profound inspiration. For me, it was an experience of ineffable spiritual power. I highly recommend this trip as an exquisite gift to your own deepening journey."

Tim, New York, USA


“I'm usually a little wary of tour groups but something pushed me to take the risk with Nina and Dancing Spirit. I ventured into the Divine Feminine pilgrimage with no particular expectations. I was in for the surprise of my life. From the first moment, I could tell this would be an adventure. And it was. To date, this was one of the best-organized, researched and manifested tours I've ever experienced. An amazing group of like-minded souls gathered in France and we journeyed together from Marseille to Paris. Together we laughed, cried, shared, explored and learned so much. Under the ever-watchful eye of Nina and her team — Horst and Donna, Brie and Pierre (a fantastic driver) — every detail was taken care of. I have traveled to France my entire adult life, and never before knew of some of the places Nina introduced us to. Her spirit lights up the journey. If you are looking for something different and have an interest in pilgrimage with a twist, this is the tour group you need."

Mary, Co. Roscommon, Ireland

A Message From Nina

During my cancer treatment someone handed me a book about St. Mary Magdalene. The woman in the book is dying of cancer and finds solace in St. Mary Magdalene as a companion on her end-of-life journey. The story inspired me to pray to Magdalene for assistance. Every evening I sat on the rug in front of the fire with my journal and a cup of tea praying for the courage to surrender to God’s will-- no matter what the outcome. My prayers were answered in the form of an inner knowing that I had to learn about forgiveness. Letting myself feel the pain I caused others, I reached out to people I hadn’t spoken to in a decade to ask for forgiveness. The more I grieved and let go of the past, the lighter I felt. The Magdalene guided me to humble myself so I could experience the mercy of God-- the divine feminine aspects.


Fortunately, I survived cancer. Yearning to walk in her footsteps, I traveled to France to thank Mary Magdalene. A world of unconditional love opened before me when I discovered the blessings that waited for me in France. It’s the perfect place to discover the divine feminine because the culture is attuned to the nurturing, healing and motherly aspects of God.


We go beyond the Da Vinci Code’s sensational interpretation of St. Mary Magdalene and explore why this saint has survived as an archetype through history, and why she captured our modern attention. You’ll meet the patroness of devotion and you can ask her what lessons she has to share with you. Ready? Get the Trip Guide below for the day-to-day itinerary or go ahead and sign up right now!

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