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Inspired by Nina’s recovery from cancer, Dancing Spirit Tours is a family run business that cultivates holistic relationships with our guests, each other, and the Earth. Every destination, workshop and conference is hosted by knowledgeable and passionate teachers who have expertise on each travel destination. Meet the team below, and then say hello!

Nina Hirlaender

Dream Activator / Owner / Trip Facilitator

Nina is the Founder & Creator of Dancing Spirit Tours. She attended York University, and continued to study theatrical production at the prestigious Studio 58 Conservatory to complete her Bachelor of Fine Arts. Nina also trained at the University of Catalunya in Barcelona, earning a diploma in Designing Sustainable Human Settlements and Ecovillages.

Nina's strong background in live performing arts and management of both independent and large theatre companies support her work as a group leader and facilitator. Notable positions include General Manager of Theatre Terrific Society, a company dedicated to bringing together artists with diverse physical and mental health issues, Managing Producer of November Theatre, committed to creating alternative musicals with a heightened performance style, and Operations Coordinator of Theatre Under The Stars, entertaining families with popular musicals while providing a vibrant training ground to developing performers.

Nina’s passionate quest for knowledge perpetually inspires her, both inside and outside of the classroom. Her relationship with the unseen realm began when she was a child through her grandmother’s encouragement and teachings passed down to her through the Celtic Shamanic lineage. In addition to her grandmother’s Celtic teachings, Nina trained in the Peruvian tradition at The Four Winds Light Body School as a certified energy medicine practitioner. Currently, Nina is working on a Masters degree in Theology with a special interest in Christian Mysticism, especially St. Francis of Assisi and St. John of The Cross.

Nina is passionate about fostering cross-cultural understanding through embodying spirituality and exposure to diverse cultures. She believes that by immersing oneself in unfamiliar communities, we learn to appreciate that all humans are more the same than we are different. This attitude of compassion bridges gaps between nations and is foundational to creating peace.

Above all, Nina enjoys painting her dreams, dancing with the moon, listening to the wisdom of the trees, knitting cozy sweaters, and sipping tea in sunny windowsills. Nina's personal mission is to serve humanity by lovingly empowering people to connect with their authentic selves and open their hearts to the awe-some glory of life. Nina’s combined theatrical studies, passion for exploratory community building and contemplative spiritual life have lead to the unique creation of Dancing Spirit Tours.

Favourite Trip Experience

Arashiyama Giant Bamboo Forest near Kyoto, Japan. Wandering deep into the enchanted emerald forest and discovering a tiny Buddhist temple is the stuff of fairytales. The haunting clatter of giant bamboo stalks in the breeze sounds like wind chimes and feels like magic. I felt like a real faery!

Horst Prelog

The Skeptical Pilgrim / Trip Facilitator / Nina's Father

An adept, discerning, global executive leader, Horst Prelog has spent the last 30 years in the Automotive Industry with the past 10 years as President and COO at the helm of a multi-billion dollar global company.

His success and his achievements are highly regarded by those who have had the benefit of working with him and are undisputed in the Automotive Industry. Horst has a natural gift for collaborative team building. His reputation as a visionary leader and astute businessman are underlined by his intuition and passion for empowering and motivating people to achieve results by tapping into their potential.

His entrepreneurial spirit and optimistic attitude has served him to create his own reality in the business world for 30+ years. Horst believes that the key to a fulfilling life and career is discovering your unique talent and combining it with passion and action.

In early 2012, Horst was motivated to take a break from the rat race of the corporate world and to turn his focus and his attention to his relationship with his two children: his son Mathias and daughter Nina.

In September 2012, Nina, with her passion for spiritual evolution and personal awakening, encouraged her father to join her on a pilgrimage to the South of France in the hope that he would decompress from the hectic pace of his corporate existence and so she could share with him some insight into a spiritual perspective. Horst welcomed the opportunity to spend time with his daughter and reconnect on a new level. It was during his time in the South of France, that Horst warmed to his own inner life.

After this important pilgrimage, father and daughter were inspired to commemorate this experience by embarking on a business venture that would allow them to continue learning from each other and share their passion for harmonious relationship and insight for healing with others. Horst is thrilled to apply his knowledge and extensive business experience to this exciting project.

Favourite Trip Experience

Vienna at Christmas is my favourite time of the year and my favourite trip every year. Whether it's strolling the cobblestone streets decorated for the season, visiting the amazing historic sights or experiencing the magic of the many concerts, each fills me with the feeling of Christmas like nowhere else I have ever known.

Brie MacDonald
Brie MacDonald
Logistics Wizard

Brie has a long history of unquenchable curiosity about the world around her. Most of all she is curious about humans, including herself. Compassionately connecting with people and supporting them, especially in an organizational role, is a theme that has run through all the varied paths she has taken in life so far.

She has worked in theatre as a stage manager, assisted clients as a herbalist, studied the human brain as a cognitive neuroscientist, and currently supports students as a high school teacher at a small independent school in Victoria, BC.

Through her work with compassion she has come to know that empathy and love are the best strategies we have for connection with the world around us. She finds that traveling has the amazing capacity to show us the selves we rarely see and to discover new ways of being in the world.

Favourite Trip Experience

Stewart River, Yukon, Canada Spending days traveling down river in a canoe, knowing there were no other humans within hundreds of miles. I was struck by the simultaneous sheer quietness and constant cacophony of nature, and my own very very small place within it.

Donna Tulloch
Guest Services Guru

From early childhood, Donna dreamt of traveling and exploring the world, romping through the forests of northern Ontario in Canada with her friends, imagining she was on an Africa safari. Setting out at the age of 17 to pursue her education and launch her career was her first glimpse of the big, wide, world and the beginning of a journey that has never ended.

One of the highlights of Donna's career was being recruited to a post in South Africa. "This was an amazing, breathtaking, pinch-me-this-can't-be-for-real, dream-come-true, highlight in my life", says Donna. Since then, travel has been woven into the fibre of her life.

After stepping off the corporate roller-coaster in 2012, Donna has worked as a human resource consultant and is thrilled to be part of the Dancing Spirit Team, fulfilling her passion to help people and share the beauty and magic the world offers.

Favourite Trip Experience

Namibia, Africa. The sheer tranquility of the Namibian Desert night canopied by a million stars and immersed in the exotic desert wilderness. Pure and utter enchantment!

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