is in our veins

Travelers By Nature

Travel has always been part of our story.

For years, my dad Horst worked as a busy global executive. My brother and I loved tagging along on his business trips. While he was stuck in meetings, we ducked in and out of art galleries, traipsed through fields and forests, and savored cultures and flavors we’d never encountered before. Those early trips offered a taste of possibility.

When your world is turned upside-down.

In 2011, our lives were thrown into chaos. At just 25, I discovered a malignant tumor in my leg the size of a grapefruit. Faced with a cancer diagnosis, I was forced to put a thriving performing arts career on hold. My father stepped away from the corporate life that had consumed him to focus on his relationship with us, and to rekindle an inner life that had suffered for his career.

What comes of healing

Our journey to healing sparked an intense desire to live. My diagnosis changed the way I thought about every aspect of my life, and the world, and it transformed our entire family. We saw we’d been missing things—the most important ones—right there in front of us, and we were grateful for a chance to do things differently. Recovery launched us into a radical experiment: we challenged ourselves to start over, and to invite others in, with joy as our North Star.

Now, we’re proud to share all we’ve built with you.

Dancing Spirit Tours is an open-hearted celebration of all it means to be alive.

About Dancing Spirit Tours

Soul-quenching adventures that speak to the sacred in us all.

Our journeys are designed for modern pilgrims who yearn to live their purpose, and for anyone who wants to travel mindfully, learn deeply, and feel the power of community.

A Family Company

Over 10 years, we’ve guided hundreds of Dancing Spirits—from more than 50 countries—on immersive journeys of awakening, all around the world. Along the way, we’ve celebrated milestone birthdays, mother-daughter getaways, epic honeymoons, family reunions, and mountaintop proposals. We’ve witnessed life-changing transformations and watched lasting friendships bloom. There’s no greater privilege than experiencing this beautiful world with you.

"It's difficult to put into words how much this journey changed me, and to describe the deep, soulful connections I made with friends. My trip was the greatest gift I've ever given myself."

Kelley, South Africa
Meet our Team

Nina Hirlaender

Co-Founder / Spiritual Director / Dream Activator

Nina is a professional storyteller, a member of the lay Franciscan Order, and a true pilgrim of life. Inspired by her studies in theology, Celtic shamanism and the performing arts, she has devoted her career to helping people put their spirituality in action. To Nina, Dancing Spirit is more than a dream company—it’s proof that joy is contagious.

Favorite Trip Moment: Forest bathing in Kyoto

“Hiking with my dad into the ethereal Arashiyama Bamboo Grove was extraordinary. I can still hear the clatter of bamboo stalks, like wind chimes shifting in the breeze. We left an ema, or prayer plaque, at the Shinto temple shrine—and we can’t help feeling that all of our wishes are coming true.”

Horst Prelog

Co-Founder / Nina's Dad / Reformed Workalholic

Horst’s entrepreneurial spirit made him a leader in the global automotive industry for more than 30 years. Formerly the president and COO of a multi-billion dollar company, he now channels all of his trailblazing energy into a passion project shared with his daughter. Inspired by Nina’s recovery from illness, he set a new course for adventure and meaning—and he hasn’t looked back.

Favorite Trip Moment: Christmas in Vienna

“Introducing pilgrims to my home country of Austria at the most festive time of year is really special. Whether we’re strolling the cobblestone streets decked out for the holiday season or taking in sensational concerts at the opera house, Advent in Vienna is magic.”

Donna Tulloch

Director of Guest Services / Family Member / Happy Maker

Donna loves connecting with our guests and taking care of every detail to ensure their experiences are seamless and unforgettable. She once lived in South Africa where she restored commercial airplanes—“a pinch-me-this-can’t-be-real, highlight of my life”—an adventure that sparked her fierce love of travel. With her background in human resource management and consulting, Donna’s our go-to when we want to get things done (and a beloved member of our crew).

Favorite Trip Moment: Stargazing in Namibia

“Taking in the night sky from the tranquillity of the Namib Desert is an experience that makes your skin tingle. Imagine a canopy of a million stars and all around you the wild, tawny dunes.”

“Nina, Horst, and the team approach everything from a genuine place. They love what they do and that’s huge. They made me feel so at home, even though we were on the road.”

Renee, Arizona, USA

How We Travel

All of the creature comforts.

Our tours feature luxury stays, world-class dining, and exclusive access to guest experts who bring our destinations to life—from bestselling authors to respected faith leaders and historians. We take care of all the special details, leaving you free to immerse in your experience.

You’ll have everything you need to rest deeply, nourish well, and inhabit every unforgettable moment.

Are you a Dancing Spirit?

If our vision for heart-centered travel resonates with you, start your journey here.

“I doubt there’s another tour company in the world that offers such masterfully woven experiences. The best trip of my life by far!”

Rita, California, USA
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