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Satisfy your hunger for wonder —immerse yourself in the otherworldly contrasts of Iceland. Climb a sleeping volcano and then unwind in the mineral-rich hot spring at the top. Marvel at massive glaciers where shimmering ice crystals peek through layers of black ash. Admire the sheer brightness atop the coastal headland where the first Viking settler is buried. Together we journey into the remote wilderness in a 4WD vehicle and encounter the unfathomable silence of a lava field sacred to the Goddess Freyja. Explore your subconscious terrain through the archetypal hero’s journey, and discover how the landscape mirrors the trials, triumphs and shadows of your spiritual life. Cross the threshold to your inner world in a dream-journey lead by an indigenous Norse shaman. Meditations on the world tree (“Yggdrasill”) cultivate a relationship with the natural world and help you feel centred in your body. If you’re eager to ignite your sense of adventure and forge a strong connection to your inner landscape, this voyage is for you.

Is This Pilgrimage For You?

No harvest is had without the seed first being sown.

King Olaf Trygvisson's Saga

Itinerary Highlights
  • Relax in the natural geothermal pools of Blue Lagoon and soak up the healing benefits of this mineral-rich oasis.
  • Hike on the tectonic boundary where the North America & Europe tear away from each other, scarring the land with dramatic fissures.
  • Feel the beat in your body during a drum circle inside the cave where Irish monks first set foot on the island.
  • Explore the multi-coloured mountains of the uninhabited highlands in a specially adapted 4x4 vehicle.
  • Wander in Reykjavik; the world's most northerly capital combines colourful buildings, creative people and eye-popping design.
  • Strap on some crampons and walk on the glistening Solheimajokull Glacier where layers of ash and ice reveal geological stories of the past.
  • Learn about the origins of elves on Snaefellsnes Peninsula where land, sea and sky seem to merge.
  • Northern Lights dance above our luxurious boutique hotel. Watch the sky from our private observatory in the backyard!
  • Catch a ride in a Viking “sushi” boat, participate in traditional fishing and taste fresh oysters from the sea.
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Praise for this Journey

"Traveling with Dancing Spirit is so much more than a holiday. It’s truly timeout to connect or reconnect with yourself, with others, with the awesomeness of nature and the Divine — and to let your spirit dance. I can’t recommend Nina and her team highly enough for the lengths they go to ensure each person is so well looked after throughout the journey. I have traveled with them to Iceland and England, and am looking forward to another tour in the future."

Lena, Sydney, Australia


"A marvellous integration of both the inner and outer landscapes of the human spiritual journey. The earth pulses with sacred energy. Everywhere we went was surreal and out of this world... and we were there by ourselves. Not a tourist in sight! Nina's storytelling brought the journey to life. The highlight for me was the drumming in the cave. I felt my Scandinavian ancestors standing beside me! ... Excellent beyond imagining!"

Eva, Berlin, Germany

A Message From Nina

My Icelandic friends tell me: “You can visit Iceland one of two ways-- the way of the body, or the way of the soul. If your soul truly meets the heart of Iceland, there is a part of you that will remain connected to the land forever.” My first trip to this enchanted island was a solo backpacking adventure. I never imagined I’d guide a pilgrimage to Iceland because I was called here for personal healing. My journey unfolded in a series of synchronicities, meeting theologians in hotel lobbies, folklorists at bus stops, and shamans who invited me on road trips to hidden sacred caves that SING. Literally. (I’ll take you there!)


I feel profoundly bound to the heart of Iceland, which I now call “Joro”, the Norse word for “belly of the mother”. Norse mythology opened my eyes to the beauty of northern European indigenous spirituality. The archetype of Odin as the crucified shaman and Freyja as the personification of merciful love enliven the Norse tradition. The Sagas aren't mere fairytales, they describe the rich cultural complexities of Scandinavian history.


While it’s hard to plan a trip to Iceland that isn’t extraordinary, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of this trending travel destination. I want to show you a side of Iceland you’re not going to see traveling solo or with a regular tour group. You are going to meet the Iceland that drove the ancients to settle on this almost uninhabitable landscape, the Iceland that stirred the imaginations of Viking and inspired stories about elves that most locals still believe today. I look forward to introducing you to the wild rhythms of this unique landscape, and the changeable, wise feminine spirit prevailing in the winds. Ready? Get the Trip Guide below for the day-to-day itinerary or go ahead and sign up right now! 

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