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Voices of Iceland: Male Choirs

I have a riddle for you… What could possibly be more Icelandic than PUFFINS?

Blonde hair? … Nope.
Waterfalls? … Nope.
Skyr? … Nope.

Male choirs? BINGO!


Ok ok! Blonde hair, waterfalls and skyr are quintessentially Icelandic, but one of Iceland’s greatest hidden treasures is its choral music.

In the 1850s a progressive art collective thought it was important for the cultural expansion of the country to switch from

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Blending Cultures: Paganism in Iceland


Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Valgerdur Bjarnadottir, an expert scholar on all things Icelandic. Ms. Bjarnadottir holds a Masters Degree in theology & dreamwork. She’s an expert in the fields of philosophy, religion & women’s spirituality.

Needless to say, our conversation was fascinating. I learn so much from her!

For example:

Did you know that most women in Iceland have British ancestry whereas most men have Scandinavian ancestry?

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Odin The Crucified Shaman


I’d like to introduce you to my new friend Odin.

He’s a wisdom keeper, a Norse God from the shamanic tradition of the Indo-Europeans. Lately I’ve been contemplating what it means to live wisely, so getting to know Odin has been a HUGE GIFT!

In most version of the myth Odin hangs himself on the World Tree to attain “runes of wisdom.” After an epic journey to the Underworld he is reborn as a wise healer. He spends the rest of his life devoted to helping others.


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Icelandic Spirituality: 3 Ice Age Roots


It turns out that 4% of Europeans today carry genetic material from this haplogroup. (U and I). There is a chance you might belong to this lineage if you have European ancestry, especially if your ancestors are from Norway, Finland, Sweden, Turkey or Spain.

Who were these First People?
How did they live?
What did they believe?

Fortunately, we can trace their stories and memories by studying fringe European cul

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Feeling Alive


It’s simple. We travel for one reason – to feel ALIVE.

‘Feeling live’ means experiencing the juiciness of the moment. It means exploring something new, taking time away from the daily grind, and putting yourself  in a new environment. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Sometimes you have to just do something differently. Break your routine and shake yourself awake.

AWAKE. ALIVE. Tune in to the creative heart of who you are. I dare you to live from that place of passion and w

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