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Icelandic Spirituality: 3 Ice Age Roots


It turns out that 4% of Europeans today carry genetic material from this haplogroup. (U and I). There is a chance you might belong to this lineage if you have European ancestry, especially if your ancestors are from Norway, Finland, Sweden, Turkey or Spain.

Who were these First People?
How did they live?
What did they believe?

Fortunately, we can trace their stories and memories by studying fringe European cul

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Win A Trip To France


Hi Dancing Spirits!

I am REALLY excited to share this new project with you. We are looking for vibrant personalities with compelling personal stories to cast in a documentary travel TV episode!

If you have an incredible story and are ready to embark on a deeply personal quest for meaning, we want to hear from you! Maybe you recently experienced divorce, death of a loved one, addiction recovery, or have a terminal illness and need a reflective retreat. Maybe you are on the brink

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Voice America Interview with Nina & Horst

Pilgrimage: Walking The Labyrinth of Your Soul

In trying to answer the very simple question, “So, what do you do for a living?”, I find myself getting into deep conversations on a regular basis in unusually mundane places. I try my best to describe the unbelievably impactful sacred places I visit and the transformative experiences travellers have on our journeys together. Pilgrimage is not exactly an ‘everyday topic’ that arises naturally in the grocery store line up

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