Why Do Some Prayers Go Unanswered?

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Has this ever happened to you?!

When God says “no” to your prayers… Maybe you’ve been in a situation like this. Maybe you’ve prayed, “God, heal my child’s brain injury”—and it doesn’t happen…

In this podcast, we’re exploring the tricky and sometimes uncomfortable questions that come up when we pray for God to heal an illness. From cancer to heartbreak, or any kind of suffering, sometimes we’re in situations where prayer feels like our only recourse. But when faced with such questions as “what does it say about God if he doesn’t answer my prayers?” or “is it selfish to pray for healing?” we need to pause and reflect on the nature of prayer and what it means to ask for help from a divine being.

The phrase “there are no atheists in foxholes” is often used to describe the primal instinct that comes out when people are pushed beyond their limits; the instinct to cry out for help. But what happens when God does not answer those cries? Nina tells her personal story of suffering that led her to ask complex and difficult questions about faith, our own mortality, and the true nature of God.

We must be careful not to lose sight of the fact that prayer goes beyond simply asking for something; it also encompasses thanksgiving and gratitude even in moments of despair. By pausing and reflecting on who we believe God is and what we are here for can provide us with insight into our relationship with our Creator. Furthermore, while there may be times when prayers are not answered in the way that we had hoped, there can still be comfort found in recognizing that our prayers carry more meaning than just a request for healing – they bring us closer to understanding who God is and how It interacts with us.

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