How To Reclaim The Feminine

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The question I have been asked the most about our upcoming journey, The Divine Feminine in France is – what actually is this force called the sacred feminine and why is Mary Magdalene so important?

There is an undeniable resurgence of the sacred feminine in our world today. At its core, the ‘feminine’ is the powerful matrix of creation. It is something profound and elemental, and every woman knows it the cells of her body, in her instinctual depths. Life is created from her substance. It’s miraculous! She can participate in bringing a soul to life. But the sacred feminine is beyond biology. It is not exclusively for women. It is also present deep within  men. This energy is the balancing force behind the sacred masculine in its intellectual lenses of logic and reason. The divine feminine empowers us to flow between doing, where things “happen” and being, where growth, inspiration and integration take place.

We have forgotten the wisdom of these complimentary forces, which is tragic because this is the fabric of divine love integral to our nature. We have been denied the depths of this delicate balancing act- this mysterious dance between the feminine and masculine. Our modern culture is focused on a disembodied, transcendent God. This has left women bereft, denying them of feelings of worth, personal power and an experience of divinity within.

Women have been deliberately diminished, omitted and persecuted by the Church which has lead to the memory of Mary Magdalene as a repentant sinner, a prostitute, “a mere woman.” Our way of hearing the gospels has been heavily filtered by 2000 years of suppression of the feminine because it threatens the linear, controlling structure of the patriarchy. Jesus didn’t create an institution appointing only men to be its disciples and priests, but that skewed view is exactly why women aren’t priestesses today. Jesus himself acknowledged Mary Magdalene’s leadership when he chose to appear to her at the Resurrection, making her The First Apostle, The Apostle To The Apostles, even the founder of Christianity. Mary has become a symbol to remember and reclaim the power of the feminine. She is a catalyst for transforming the patriarchal systems that minimize and hold us back from our own potential.

The denial of the sacred feminine is damaging not only to every woman, but also to men and to life itselfWhen we deny the healing power of the feminine, we also deny something fundamental to life. We separate life from the matrix that nourishes all of existence. The same source that gave birth to us is needed to infuse us with meaning and to reveal glimpses of the great mystery so we intrinsically know of what is really important.

We are living at a time when both women and men are asking the question: How can I reclaim the power of the sacred feminine in me?

13600198_10157103317020716_4238257552884171382_nMary Magdalene has become the archetype of reclamation of the feminine power. Reclaiming the feminine means forming a sacred relationship with your connection to life. It means to realize that everything, every act, even every thought, affects the entire web of life. It also means to allow Spirit to speak to you. We are constantly bombarded by so much stimulation, advertising, social media, that it is hard to hear the simple voice of Spirit itself speaking to us… but it’s there. The voice of the divine feminine is present, even within the layers of our fears and desires, our anxieties and expectations. Life is waiting for you to listen. To hear Spirit speaking to you, all you need to do is be still. Life is trying to teach you how to become the conscious and magnificent creator that you were born to be.

It is time to claim the joyful, glorious life that belongs to you. We long for divine union between the feminine and masculine within, a holism of the inner and outer worlds. And it is already here. We just have to be open and receptive, to say yes to what we cannot see or touch, but can feel and respond to. The balance of these forces will be different for each of us because we are all unique. The voice of the divine feminine speaks to us in our own language. She meets us where we are. Maybe for the pilgrim She speaks through the land when we walk on Her body,  for the parent, in the laughter of their beloved child, and for the contemplative in the spaces between thoughts.

The mystery of the divine feminine spark speaks to us from within Mary Magdalene’s unfolding story. You can feel her intimately in the grottos, forests and chapels of southern France. She is not in a distant, intangible heaven, but a presence that is here with us, pleading for our response. We have forgotten Her just as we have forgotten so much of what is sacred. And now She needs to be known again, not just as a spiritual metaphor, but as something that belongs to us in our bones, our blood, our every breath. She can help us to remember who we really are.

NOW, I want to hear from YOU. What does the Divine Feminine mean to you? What’s one thing that stands out to you about Mary Magdalene or other divine feminine figures?

Please share your thoughts. Many people come here for inspiration and reflection. Your story might have someone else have an important insight that helps them grow as a person. Let’s build a community where we share our hearts and inspire each other!

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Come with us for an immersive experience in France with Mary Magdalene and our special guest teacher, Caroline Myss.

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