The Difference Between Fear and Intuition

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How do you tell the difference between FEAR and INTUITION?

Can you learn to be more intuitive? In this episode, we’ll demystify the energy anatomy of your inner compass so you can make breakthrough choices that free you from second-guessing yourself. We’ll look at how spiritual principles, like those proposed by Ignatius of Loyola in ‘The Spiritual Exercises’ are essential for harnessing your most powerful assets—intuition and discernment—in a way that strengthens your inner compass and helps you listen to intuitive guidance.

We’ll discuss the importance of cultivating an environment that truly nourishes your wellbeing and embraces your vulnerability so that trusting your gut feels effortless. When you master how to truly listen to your inner guidance while also making mindful choices that align with your values, then it’s possible to take bold risks in life without feeling overwhelmed by fear or uncertainty.

Listen now to deepen your trust in yourself and the divine appointments that come along as you close the gap between who you are now, and who you want to become.

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