The Cosmic Project: You were born for THIS

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Do you remember the last time you performed a truly SELFLESS act? I’d like you to pause and remember that experience.

How did you FEEL in that moment?

There’s a rush of giddiness, energy and satisfaction when we do something good for another human being. THAT warm-fuzzy feeling is the key to a universal truth about your life’s purpose.

Okay, I’ve got a confession…

I used to think that my life purpose is: to be happy, follow my dreams and eat mangoes joyfully (and sloppily) over the sink while no one is watching. Seriously.

But then, while recovering from cancer a few years back, I discovered that there’s something even better than enjoying succulent fruit while fantasizing about my bucket list.

The Truth about Your Life Purpose

One of the big misconceptions about ‘life purpose’ is that it’s about personal happiness, or pursuing only your individual needs and desires.

And to clarify, when we speak of ‘life purpose’ it doesn’t necessarily mean what you do for work, or what charitable causes you contribute to.

Your life purpose is BIGGER than that.

It’s about how you fundamentally orient yourself to other sentient beings, and how you consider your impact on others in thought and action. 

If we’re going to be effective in resolving problems that are genuinely global in scope, then we need to make this mental shift from ‘me’ to ‘we’.

The Cosmic Project

When you make this mental shift from merely personal growth to pursuing the ‘cosmic project’, your energy shifts to a universal scale.

You start to ask yourself: What can I share of myself that will lift others up?

Imagine what humanity could accomplish if we all sought to contribute our talents and skills to the greater good!! No single religious orthodoxy has the power to initiate this change. There is no charismatic leader, no unifying manifesto or authority to report to.

Achieving world peace and justice has to be lead by you, me and thousands of other people with huge hearts. We are called to tap into the powerful universal force that manifests in the world as selflessness. 

How do you fit into the Cosmic Project?

A Meditation For You

This 16 minute meditation will help you tap into your purpose, visualize how your unique gifts can contribute to meaningful change, and to gain perspective of the BIG PICTURE. 

Before you start, make sure you have your journal nearby so you can make notes after you’re done, while the experience is still fresh.

Press PLAY when you’re ready!

After you’re done, please share your experience because YOUR STORY could inspire someone else and cause them to have a revelation. Join the discussion in the comments below!

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  • Gerry

    I found it difficult at first to meditate on a building. I am so used to going into the environment whether it is earthly or heavenly. However, I found myself in a most beautiful building which seemed like a mixture of Eastern and Western design. The ceiling was covered with mosaics and I stood on beautiful Persian rugs on top of a marble floor. The light was warm and comforting. I found myself observing the crowd without wanting to join in. Then I passed by an elder whom I have admired and absorbed his teachings and he spoke to me, well we didn’t need to speak much, we just spoke a few words and held a deep space by looking into each other’s eyes. My intention came as as I will continue to be a Peacemaker in my family and community.

    • Nina Hirlaender

      Gerry, wow that space sounds beautiful– especially the Persian accents. It sounds like you and your elder friend experienced gazing into each other’s hearts. Wonderful <3

  • Carolyn

    I came to this conference room with the impression it would be concrete walls and very business like. What I actually saw was a massive ceiling made of glass with gorgeous trees towering all around on the outside so the atmosphere on the inside of the conference room was imitating the great outdoors. The sun was shining through the glass windows and everything was so inviting. I was so glad to be here. Very impressive and grounding. There were small trees and plants inside with lots of earth. Also there was fresh fruit and veggies on tables on both side of the walls in abundance for everyone to enjoy. The floor was made of marble with soft mats for out feet.As the hundreds of people arrived the energy was palpable. Very grounding with happy, something important is about to happen kinda vibe. I didn’t receive a message from anyone …yet

    • Nina Hirlaender

      Carolyn, your conference centre sounds like a sanctuary! I’m curious, do you work with food security or gardening? It sounds like the plants in your meditation are central to whatever message is coming through for you.

  • Donna Bond

    Thank you Nina! My ceiling was spectacular and when I glanced up my breath was taken away as I gasped at the beautiful star constellation presiding over the dome glass ceiling. I got to chat with Mooji and he reminded me that “Now is the time, step forward, I have everything I need and if I get lost to just check into my compass….the presence of love that I am.
    Thank you for this beautiful offering.
    With Loving,
    Donna Bond

    • Nina Hirlaender

      Donna, this is a fabulous synchronicity… I am listening to one of Mooji’s Satsangs right now as I am reading your post. Isn’t that incredible!? It truly shows that we are all in this together…. interconnected. <3

      The ceiling of your conference centre is spectacular. I can see in my mind's eye. Bless you!

      • Donna Bond

        Nina, this is an incredible cherry on my sundae today. Bless You. Now I am in a rabbit hole trying to update my gravatar so my proper picture shows! Back to physical reality! Love to you!

  • Carolyn Doherty

    I struggled initially with the theme of ‘conference room’ but my ceiling was stained glass windows which shone beautiful rainbow colours in shafts on to the rich wooden floors where there were colourful mats in shades of blues and creams and the art work was vibrant and playful. The people who arrived were mainly people who have nourished me spiritually, like Richard Rohr, Joyce Rupp, Joan Chittister and many others. Others who arrived included Martin Luther King Jr, Ghandi, Mother Teresa and Pope Francis. Pope Francis was the only one who actually spoke and mentioned a paper I had written and sent to him. I had a sense that there might be more to come …..


    Thankyou Nina…

    The building didn’t seem to hold much importance, but as soon as the people started coming in, I felt a sense of unity and belonging, and that this was “ my tribe” and exactly were I was meant to be…

    Just about a week ago whilst contemplating the possible openings
    for mass transformation from the present global circumstances, I made an intention to be a part of such a movement should the opportunity arise. I want to be part of that divine plan 😇🕊


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