Odin The Crucified Shaman

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I’d like to introduce you to my new friend Odin. He’s a wisdom keeper, a Norse God from the shamanic tradition of the Indo-Europeans. Lately I’ve been contemplating what it means to live wisely, so getting to know Odin has been a HUGE GIFT!

In most version of the myth Odin hangs himself on the World Tree to attain “runes of wisdom.” After an epic journey to the Underworld he is reborn as a wise healer. He spends the rest of his life devoted to helping others.

People love him because he loves them. All the great spiritual masters share some version of this story. Before illumination your main concern is for your own fame & fortune. After illumination you are driven to help others.

Why? Because once you have an experience of Unconditional Love, all you want is for others to have that experience too.

  • You know what suffering is.
  • You know that that key to transformation is surrender.
  • You know the strength it takes to break through illusions
  • You uncover what’s real.

Love is real. That’s it.

BUT mystical experiences aren’t worth much unless we put their fruits into action. For me that means making time for the projects & people I love and being kind, especially to strangers who cut me off in traffic. These are the runes of wisdom I’ve collected. What are your runes?

Zen Buddhism says: “Before enlightenment chop wood & carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood & carry water.” I love this because it takes the pressure off. You don’t have to do anything sensational or epic to be a good person!

You just have to love people. Easier said than done, I know! But seriously, this is what ALL the great masters teach us. Odin says the same.

I’m thrilled to meet yet another wise teacher who’s conquered Fear & made friends with Love. Odin is a empowering guide for any mystic. Now, please allow me to introduce you.

Click below for more Odin:

I want to hear from YOU! What is the most impactful thing that stands out to you from today’s video?

Inspiration feels good, but only TAKING ACTION can make a difference in your life. Please leave a comment.

Many beautiful people like you come here to get inspired. Your share might be just what someone else needs to hear to have a breakthrough.

What you think is worth sharing!


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  • Marilyn Mobbs

    Really wonderful. I was thinking how closed I felt to give & receive love and then I opened up my emails and there was “Odin”, Thankyou 💜


    Nina, love your stories of Odin. While in my opinion all Gods are a myth, how do we separated what is real and what is myth? The stores or lessons taught from myth hold very powerful meaning. Since these Gods are a myth where does the information they bestow upon us come from? The sacrifice Odin made to me says: own your life and what you put forth, if it is love, forgiveness and compassion, then this is the life that your path will open up to. Selecting the negative or dark will then be your path as well. I ask now if Odin and so many Gods are a myth, who is to say that the bible and it’s teachings and God are also myths, but lessons given by whoever wrote them at the time as teachings inspired from wisdom. As we all know teachings and writings are an interpretation of the event at that time. If read by hundreds the interpretation changes at that time to suite whomever is reading it at that time. Wisdom is handed down from generation to generation, sadly honoring our elders for their wisdom is something fading as we are taken over by social media, so I love hearing about other times when life’s lessons came from words spoken, communication was key, so people learned from the past. Thank you for sharing, love and blessings


        Loved the video. WHY indeed?????? Loved your message. We as humans must learn to trust inner faith and a knowledge that isn’t indoctrinated into us. Trust your heart, trust your own ability to choose wisely stay present and at least once a day quiet your mind. Thanks for all of the messages you’re the best.

  • IRENA Stumbras

    Nina thank you so much for being this wonderful seeker of wisdom. I spent my birthday with you all on the Footsteps of St Francis in Assisi. Irena means the Goddess of Peace in Greek mythology and Assisi being the city of Peace and St Francis prayer of Peace are my Staples in Life.
    My 100 year old mother inlaw said to me God could have made two of me out of one of you that was in 1995. I was 50 at that time and I decided that if she could live this amazingly difficult life with wisdom and still grateful to God I could also. I started adding the years again and now I am 23 with 50 years of wisdom. By doing this I have healed those years and memories with lots of deaths and resurrections. I stay open to the complexities of Being and enjoy all aspects of the journey.

    • Nina Hirlaender

      Goddess of Peace!!! Well, that explains everything, Irena. 😉 I love the idea of counting your age creativity. It brings new life to the wisdom years. Great idea.

    • Lady Shamla Rose

      Beloved Irena Stumbras

      I love reading your words. All the women who responded on this page shine the light of the Divine.
      This is so beautiful.
      I am writing because I went to Shamballa on the 15th August 1981, Full Moon in Aquarius, where I met Thor/Zeus/Jupiter.
      On Wednesday the 7th October 2020 I underwent a Huge INITIATION while watching the most divine pictures on video of a little boy being Blessed by a myriad of Blue Butterflies.
      At first I thought that the Initiation was from Thor.
      This morning I realized that the day was Wednesday for Odin. Also, when I drew Runes for who I am and my purpose here on earth in 2005, both Runes were that of Odin.
      Finding this site and the comments from all of you, feels so divine.

      In love, light, and laughter
      Lady Shamla Rose – Ma Siddhidhatri

  • Irene Sunn

    I knew many years ago change was around me. I went through the darkest days with a huge black hole of emptiness inside of me, not feeling anything and fear for what the future held. Then one night I had a ‘Light’ visitation at 2am and told “You can heal, you can heal, you can heal”. The love I felt within my room that night was overwhelming and felt like the biggesr hud! It took me on an inner journey as I had always been a colourful person deteriorating to grey and then to black when I wrote:
    “Once rainbows filled my life with endless dreams
    Then the dreams grew a darkness not known to me
    An unexplainable greyness into the very darkness
    Not sure of an unseen world as it passes.
    Enter a brilliant golden white Light
    To add colour and the love of life
    Now happiness and peace as I walk in the Light
    To enjoy once more the colours of life.”
    I became a healer and spiritual counsellor in the years following
    my rebirth returning to wholeness and offering it, love and support to all.
    Light, love and peace to you all .. Irene

    • Nina Hirlaender

      Irene, that’s beautiful! Sounds like you met an angelic presence that night. Thank you for sharing.

    • Lady Shamla Rose

      Beloved Irene Sunn

      What a beautiful poem! Thank you for your light, love and peace.

      I have such remarkable stories to tell about Rainbows.

      On the 22nd November 2008, my earth parents’ 55th wedding anniversary, I became a Planetary Christ. The story is long…

      As a Confirmation of my reality the most ardent Rainbow manifested out of nothing at all.

      I have never described a Rainbow as ardent before. The word just popped out now and feels right.

      In love, light and laughter
      Lady Shamla Rose – Ma Siddhidhatri

  • A.C.T.

    In my experience, Odin guided me through a shamanic initiation wherein he literally revealed runes to me. I had never studied them but knew of theur existence. He guided me to a place where they were prominent within the landscape and also presented runes to me clairvoyantly to guide me to who he wanted me to meet. It’s very mystical but just as literal as it is figurative. I wanted to share that with you.

  • Lady Shamla Rose

    Beloved A.C.T.

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I love how you write so matter-of-fact about Odin.

    It is like a breath of fresh air and sunshine and roses and dewdrops and everything sweet and wonderful and lyrical.

    In love, light and laughter
    Lady Shamla Rose – Ma Siddhidhatri


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