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Vienna’s sparkling sea of lights dazzles locals and visitors alike. From Baroque architecture decked in garlands to churches bursting with classical song, early December is a magical time in the city. Explore the famous Christmas markets (“Christkindlmarkt”) and browse local artisan gifts. Imagine pine-scented air, fire-warmed chestnuts and snow crunching underfoot. Soak in the heavenly acoustics of a Viennese concert hall with rare access to performances by some of Europe’s finest musicians, including the Vienna Boys Choir. Delight in a strudel at a “kaffeehaus” as we waltz through history — from Celtic and Roman occupation to the intrigue of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It's no wonder Vienna was the cultural center of Europe for 650 years until the end of the First World War. If you hunger for old-world traditions and the true meaning of the season of generosity, this trip will top your list. Better yet? You’ll be home in time for Christmas.

Is This Pilgrimage For You?

“Peace on earth will come to stay when we live Christmas every day."

Helen Steiner Rice

Itinerary Highlights
  • Wander through the magnificent staterooms of Schönbrunn Palace and see the precious interiors of the 18-century Austrian Empire.
  • Have fun riding in a horse drawn carriage in the charming historic centre of Vienna.
  • Enjoy a Strauss concert in the heavenly Kursalon concert hall where Johann Strauss himself performed 125 years ago.
  • Enjoy festive carolling and browse the Christmas Markets “Christkindlmarkt” to find artisan gifts for loved ones.
  • Attend a traditional High Mass at the Imperial family's private chapel, complete with the Vienna Boys Choir singing during mass!
  • Experience world-class musical performances in St. Stephen’s Cathedral. The heavenly trumpet concert will blow you away!
  • Watch a Spanish Riding School performance, boasting 450 years of Renaissance equitation and an UNESCO cultural heritage marvel.
  • Explore the gems and crown jewels of the Schatzkammer Treasury of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • Reflect on history inside the Imperial Vaults where emperors and empresses are laid to rest in exquisitely carved sarcophagi.

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  • Wonder

  • Celebrate

  • Warmth

  • Rejoice

  • Cherish

  • Eat

  • Give

  • Listen

  • Gaze

Praise for this Journey

“When I pay for a five-star journey, I expect five stars. Dancing Spirit exceeded this rating category by miles. I have lived and explored all over Europe and am very aware of what tour companies offer. Nina and her team leave no detail to chance and make their pilgrimage tours outstanding experiences. I’m very fussy in making recommendations to my friends, and friends, I highly recommend Dancing Spirit.”

Roxanne, British Columbia, Canada

“The balance between being a tourist and being a pilgrim is perfect. We get to see all of the iconic landmarks, but also experience unique cultural performances, handicrafts and the real people who live here. It’s a perfect balance."

Edward, Florida, USA

A Message From Horst
Local Guide

Dear Dancing Spirits, 


Travel enthusiasts like us often want to see as many parts of the world as we can. But sometimes we find a certain destination that takes hold of us, inspiring us to our core. These places are so special that even the most adventurous travelers want to return again and again. For me, no place on earth is as magical as Vienna, especially during Christmas time—‘the season of light.'


What makes Vienna so special? Is it the rich history of art, science and politics? Is it the charming natural beauty? Maybe it’s because I am so proud of being born and raised in Austria, and love to share my beloved homeland. There is a lot to show and tell, and I love nothing more than to share my old country’s stories with anyone who is interested. This is why I return to Vienna again and again: to bring our guests “home” to the land of my birth, my heritage and my roots.


Cultured, refined and sophisticated, Austria is famous for its creativity and innovation. Famous artists like Hans Markart, Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele revolutionized visual art around the world. Musicians like Johann Strauss, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Franz Schubert contributed grace and beauty with their musical excellence. Famous thinkers Franz Kafka, Erwin Schroedinger and Siegfried Freud inspired new directions in their respective disciplines. Imagine sipping coffee in the same ornate cafes that they frequented, and letting the environment inspire you.


My favorite fascination in Vienna is the influence of the House of Habsburg. A distinguished monarchy for almost 700 years, the Habsburg family is responsible for crafting Vienna’s grand architecture and influencing many parts of Europe in their wake. Their influence is called (“Kaiserzeit”), the time of the Emperors. Connecting with this rich time period feels nostalgic and endlessly romantic, like the song of the old world calling me home. I cannot wait to share this magic with you! 


Seasons Greetings,


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