Welcome To Lapland

In the far reaches of Northern Europe, an unspoiled wilderness awaits. Step into a wintry landscape to explore the culture, traditions, and spirituality of the Sami — Europe’s only Indigenous people. This is a special opportunity to connect with a Sami reindeer herding family who invite us into their Lavvu tent. Indulge in a traditional feast of creamy yogurt, cloudberries and salmon smoked over an open fire. Delight in the community of a storytelling circle that reveals cultural heirlooms. Witness the spiritual practice of yoiking — a form of otherworldly singing that expresses a vibrant relationship between the singer and the land. You’ll learn about the migration routes of Ice Age Peoples, and discover the Indigenous heritage of modern Europeans. We’ll zip across the frozen tundra in a reindeer sleigh, then get cozy by the fireplace with hot cocoa to watch the shimmering northern lights. If you long to connect with the animistic worldview of Europe’s First Peoples and explore the living spirituality of the Sami, this pilgrimage is for you.

Is This Pilgrimage For You?

"We the Sami people walk into the future in the footprints of our ancestors. If you wipe out our footprints, our future is wiped out."

Stefan Mikaelsson, President of Sami Parliament

Itinerary Highlights
Sami woman and Reindeer in Lapland
  • Connect with Sami people and learn about the treasures of a culture that has survived in extreme Arctic conditions since time immemorial.  
  • Get up close and personal with 300 reindeer! You’ll have a chance to feed them, go sledding, and even try herding! 
  • Listen to the gentle sounds of classical Norwegian sacred music in the Arctic Cathedral by candlelight.  
Pilgrims watching northern lights in Lapland, Scandinavia
  • Discover pristine fjords by boat, an ideal gateway to shoreline hikes through serene valleys and dense pine forests. 
  • Trek past idyllic farms, waterfalls and colourful wildflowers, learning about the native wildlife as we wander.  
  • Experience the Viking-Age in a preserved World Heritage village that makes history come alive. 
  • Explore nature that is so pure you can drink straight from the stream. Feel the presence of nature spirits guide our way. 
  • Immersive yourself in a Native cultural experience-- enjoy a traditional feast inside a lavvu tent.  
  • Partake in a drum circle on the sacred mountain of Ahkka, nicknamed “Queen of Lapland”.
  • Hidden

  • Juicy

  • Magical

  • Strength

  • Heritage

  • Warmth

  • Shimmer

  • Wisdom

  • Cozy

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