Welcome To Hawaii

Energize yourself in a paradise of tropical jungles, waterfalls and playful dolphins who are waiting to befriend you. Imagine Kilauea volcano spewing a river of molten lava so hot it burrows its way through the Earth, leaving a long cave in its wake. Together we explore this pristine lava tube and feel the heat of young rock — still warm to the touch. Belt out a song of renewal to Pele, Goddess of Fire. Release tension and tremble in excitement as our music fills the cave with resounding joy. Kick off your sandals and dance barefoot on a black sand beach. Express your innate creativity and feel yourself merge with music, movement and Mother Nature. You’ll learn the foundations of Huna Shamanism, including the medicine wheel, shamanic cosmology, and anatomy of the light body. These tools help you overcome resistance and experience emotional freedom. If you want to master the art of self-compassion and embrace who you really are, the spirit of Hawaii is calling you.

Is This Pilgrimage For You?

"To love is to be happy. Everything in the universe exists because of love."

Hawaiian Proverb

Itinerary Highlights
  • Feel the rhythm of ceremonial music from inside Thurston Lava tube as we chant to Pele, Goddess of Fire. 
  • Stargaze in the world’s largest observatory on Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano held sacred to the Hawaiian people. 
  • Watch dolphins play in the resort lagoon as you sip your morning Kona Coffee. (Locally grown!)
  • Soak in the sunny paradise of Waipio Valley of Kings, we’ll hike to the ancient burial caves in the cliff. 
  • Meditative movement connects you with inner resources of creativity, confidence and self-expression. 
  • Learn about the spirituality Hawaii’s First People at Mookini Heiau, the first temple built by priests from Tahiti. 
  • Practice the heart-opening techniques of Huna Shamanism to experience emotional renewal and freedom. 
  • Ice melts to join fresh rainfall creating the magnificent waterfall that flows to the sea Akaka Falls. 
  • Touch Hawaii’s ancient culture at the reconstructed temple of Pu’uhonua guarded by beautifully carved Ki’i statues.
  • Connect

  • Spacious

  • Surprises

  • Blessing

  • Myth

  • Roots

  • Purity

  • Creation

  • Fun

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