Haida Gwaii

First Peoples, Living Culture

Welcome To Haida Gwaii

Breathe the fresh cedar air of old-growth rainforests on this isolated Pacific Northwest archipelago. Imagine bears scavenging salmon, and waters brimming with breaching whales. Let’s follow a mossy trail of Sitka spruce to an ancient longhouse village belonging to one of the most resilient cultures on earth — the Haida. Our Indigenous hosts share how their language and traditions are intertwined with the land. Admire the carved faces of hauntingly beautiful totem poles and feel the presence of ancestors who have stood watch over the islands for millennia. In the evening we gather fireside and absorb the magic of Haida storytelling and songs. Connect 12,000 years of human history with a living culture and confront the legacy of colonialism — a conversation more relevant than ever as nations around the world recalibrate relationships with First Peoples and approach reparations. If you desire to feel the rhythms of nature in your bones and connect with Haida culture, this truly off-the-beaten-path journey is for you.

Is This Pilgrimage For You?

"We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."

Haida Proverb

Itinerary Highlights
  • Hike in coastal rainforests and experience the peace of Old-growth Alley. 
  • Step into another world and discover the ancient First Nations villages of Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve.
  • Kayak along the serene Yakoun River to find two unfinished Haida canoes, long buried under a carpet of moss on the forest floor.
  • Join a memorial ceremony at the site of Kiidk’yaas, the legendary Golden Spruce, felled in an act of ecoterrorism. 
  • Discover the award-winning Haida Heritage Centre and learn about the Haida language.
  • Marvel at the totem poles that guard the ancient village of Ninstints. Our Haida guide shares mythology about this World Heritage site. 
  • Meet wood carvers, weavers and jewellers who affirm their traditions through their artistic expression. 
  • Venture out on the narrow Rose Spit peninsula where Hecate Straight collides with Dixon Entrance to form an ever-changing shoreline.
  • Explore Pesuta shipwreck, circa 1900 that washed ashore as one of the most accessible shipwrecks.

This is a brand new journey and we’re still working on the Trip Guide (day-by-day itinerary). But because journeys sell out quickly, we recommend securing your spot, and we’ll send you the Trip Guide while your deposit is still refundable, so you can decide if the trip is right for you.

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