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Icelandic Spirituality: 3 Ice Age Roots


It turns out that 4% of Europeans today carry genetic material from this haplogroup. (U and I). There is a chance you might belong to this lineage if you have European ancestry, especially if your ancestors are from Norway, Finland, Sweden, Turkey or Spain.

Who were these First People?
How did they live?
What did they believe?

Fortunately, we can trace their stories and memories by studying fringe European cultures that have remained largely untouched over the centuries. Iceland is one of these rare windows. Old Norse mythology stretches its roots all the way back to Ice Age Europe when the first migrations out of Africa took place!

In this video I’ll be discussing 3 things that indigenous European and modern Icelandic spirituality have in common.

  1. Humanoid species living side-by-side (elves, giants, trolls, etc)
  2. Shamanism
  3. Mother-goddess worship

Click the Youtube Link below to learn more!

We want to hear from you! What do you know about your ancestry? Do you know your haplogroup? What questions do you have about your heritage?
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