How The Holy Spirit Works

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How do the Divine Mind and our own human intellect intertwine?

What is the Holy Spirit?

Join us as we decipher the metaphysics of the Trinity, gain insight into mystical prayer, and uncover the power of forging a direct connection with God. All this and more awaits you in this podcast episode decoding the spiritual nature of reality. We discuss how metaphysics is not only a philosophical concept, but an experiential one as well. By attuning to the rhythms and patterns of creation, you’ll be awe-struck by the sheer grandeur and beauty of our universe.

Additionally, we delve into how mystics view metaphysics through prayer—Mystical Prayer—as a way to connect with the Holy Spirit and create an unyielding foundation of inner fortitude.

We also discover the temple of our souls and what it means to listen with the ears of your heart. Through meditation and silence, we come to understand that there is a power within us, beckoning us inwardly. As we tap into this insight, we uncover the truth of our Indwelling Spirit—an unconditional love that constantly guides and supports us, no matter what.

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  • Patrick Hutchings

    I just enjoyed your latest episode. I admire your courage to teach us metaphysics and your description of the Holy Trinity. Thank you. Sin, in all its manifestations truly separates and prevents us from experiencing wholeness, original goodness, and Unity; which is God. Not so much ‘our fault’ which is an ego driven distraction producing guilt but, rather in humility we begin to recognize sin as a component of the human condition that is redeemed. Then, the Holy Spirit gives us the breath to live our lives within the communion of love.

    • Nina Hirlaender

      Thank you, Patrick! I am so glad that you enjoyed the episode and appreciate your kind words. It is my hope that by sharing the wisdom of metaphysics and the Holy Trinity, people can begin to experience true wholeness within themselves and connect with Divine Love. We all have our own unique struggles but by accepting our own brokenness and being open to healing (that is our birthright), we can be freed from guilt and live in harmony, realizing that God always loves us. Thank you again!


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