How The Holy Spirit Works

 Listen on… How do the Divine Mind and our own human intellect intertwine? What is the Holy Spirit? Join us as we decipher the metaphysics of the Trinity, gain insight into mystical prayer, and uncover the power of forging a direct connection with God. All this and more awaits you in this podcast episode […]

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Why Do Some Prayers Go Unanswered?

Listen on… Has this ever happened to you?! When God says “no” to your prayers… Maybe you’ve been in a situation like this. Maybe you’ve prayed, “God, heal my child’s brain injury”—and it doesn’t happen… In this podcast, we’re exploring the tricky and sometimes uncomfortable questions that come up when we pray for God to […]

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The Metaphysics of Prayer

Listen on… What actually happens during prayer? Prayer is not about trying to manipulate the Divine for personal gain. It’s a sacred practice that can offer insight into our deepest desires and needs. Let us take an unprecedented approach—when we lift up our hearts in prayer, it will open doors of awareness that allow us […]

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What is a Mystical Experience?

Mystical Experiences are utterly mysterious and difficult to articulate, but it’s common enough that we have reports of mystical experiences across time and cultures. It’s a state of consciousness, a phenomenon that simply happens to us and we don’t know why. It’s impossible to achieve through your own efforts alone, because it’s given to you—by […]

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Are You a Mystic?

What makes a mystic? How did Rumi or Thich Nhat Hanh or Jesus feel when they sat down to pray? How can we nurture that same deep intimacy with the Universe? This is why the Holy Rebels Podcast exists—because mysticism is not a frequently discussed topic. It’s often described in an esoteric way that makes […]

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Welcome to Holy Rebels Podcast!

Does your soul long for an intimate connection with the Divine? Holy Rebels is the podcast for modern mystics who seek the sacred in all things. It’s for contemplatives and spiritual activists who hunger to make sense of a fractured world and to anchor their learning in compassionate action. Each week, we take a fresh […]

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