Travel Journal

Author: Nina Hirlaender

Nina is the Founder and Dream Activator of Dancing Spirit Tours. Her strong background in live performing arts and management of both independent and large theatre companies support her work as a group leader and facilitator. Notable positions include General Manager of Theatre Terrific Society, a company dedicated to bringing together artists with diverse physical and mental health issues, Managing Producer of November Theatre, committed to creating alternative musicals with a heightened performance style, and Operations Coordinator of Theatre Under The Stars, entertaining families with popular musicals while providing a vibrant training ground to developing performers. Nina's passionate quest for knowledge perpetually keeps her in the classroom. She attended York University, and continued to study theatrical production at the prestigious Studio 58 Conservatory to complete her Bachelor of Fine Arts. Nina received training at the University of Catalunya in Barcelona, earning a diploma in Designing Sustainable Human Settlements and Ecovillages. She trained at The Four Winds Light Body School as a certified energy medicine practitioner in the Peruvian shamanic tradition. Currently, Nina is working on a Masters degree in Theology and International Ethics. Her combined studies and passion for exploratory community building have lead to the unique creation of Dancing Spirit Tours. Nina is passionate about fostering cross-cultural understanding through travel. She believes that by immersing oneself in diverse communities, we learn to appreciate that all humans are more the same than we are different. This attitude of compassion bridges gaps between nations and is foundational to creating peace. Nina's personal mission is to serve humanity by lovingly empowering people to connect with their authentic selves and open their hearts to the awe-some glory of life. Nina's inner child has a life-long fascination with joyful movement. She began her relationship with yoga as a child and became a certified yoga instructor in 2006. In her spare time, Nina enjoys painting her dreams, dancing with the moon, whispering to the trees, knitting cozy sweaters, and sipping tea in sunny windowsills. Her newest creative adventure is learning the art of acro-balance gymnastics.
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